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New Legend, New Buffs, And New Strategies

How Apex Legends Will Shake Things Up For Season 2

Apex Legends has been one of 2019’s biggest successes, and developer Respawn Entertainment is trying to hold its success going with Season 2. During EA Play at E3 2019, the creators revealed what is to come for its warfare royale spin-off from the Titanfall franchise, and what kind of the team found out following the runaway fulfillment after its surprise February debut. In addition to a notably revised conflict bypass–lessening the grind and providing better rewards–we also learned of a few buffs coming to characters like Mirage, along with everybody’s preferred gun–the Mozambique.

But the biggest news to come back from EA Play turned into the screen of Wattson, the game’s upcoming new legend. During EA Play, we spent a while talking with Apex Legends venture lead Drew McCoy and lead product supervisor Lee Horn–along side a wonder unique delivery from Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella. In our talk, they contemplated on the fast and sudden achievement of the sport, and the huge lessons they found out following the sport’s debut.

For extra data on Apex Legends, such as what weapons will change and why dragons have suddenly seemed at the map, make sure to check returned with us for updates in this evolving sport.


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