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Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Review

You half to try it.

Kinesis offers some of the most innovative keyboards ever to grace a desktop. The company‘s laser-focus on ergonomics takes their designs to some unapologetically unusual places. Their Kinesis Gaming brand leans hard into ergonomics as well, and the new $219 Freestyle Edge RGB (See it on the Kinesis website) is for gamers looking to stave off repetitive strain injury (RSI) with a comfortable and customizable two-piece gaming keyboard.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – Design and Features

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is an update to the company’s older Freestyle Edge, adding (as the name suggests) per-key 16.8 million color RGB lighting (and a handful of other enhancements). But before we get to all of that, let’s get this out of the way up front: If you’re not familiar with split keyboards, well, it’s split. Into two halves. Right down the middle.

The concept here is based on sound physiological studies that’s been around because the Great Depression. Traditional keyboards strain your wrists via forcing you to keep your arms parallel whilst you type. A split keyboard helps you to set up the two halves but you like – you may circulate them aside and turn them at an angle, that’s an antidote to RSI.

The Freestyle Edge RGB appears weird because of the cut up, but at its center, it’s a tenkeyless keyboard with an arrangement that marches to the sound of its personal drummer. The left facet (which I’ll talk to because the QWERT half of) is coated with the “Game Bank,” which functions 9 keys that arrive as a clean slate where you can save unique keys and macros, or to remap critical keys from the opposite half of. (The Game Bank also homes the lighting fixtures toggle and Function key.)

The eastern side of the board (YUIOP) has a weird arrangement of navigation keys like Home, PageUp, PageDn, and arrow keys in a sort of reverse-L arrangement on the far right that gets in the way if you’re expecting to find the Enter key at the edge.

There are separate Function keys with distinct purposes, and whilst that could before everything seem bizarre, it makes experience. The Function key at the QWERT aspect is the general-cause Function key that offers you get right of entry to to macros and remappings anywhere on the keyboard. It also controls F1 thru F6, which doubles as media controls. On the YUIOP facet, the Function key takes the form of a special Kinesis “gear” button that turns on the unique functions of F7 through F12 – those are all precise to the keyboard, like mounting the virtual force (greater on that later), toggling n-key rollover (you get 6-key rollover with the aid of default), and Game Mode, which disables the Windows key.

Last however not least, you’ll locate the programming cluster – four keys for changing profiles, editing macros, and remapping keys – high atop the proper aspect.

When pushed together to mimic an everyday keyboard, the Freestyle Edge RGB spans approximately 15.5 inches huge (most effective a little smaller than a regular giant keyboard), but of route the appeal here is that you could function the 2 halves anyplace you like. A braided cable lets in for up to 12 inches of separation, however there’s any other eight inches tucked right into a convenient cubby on the lowest, in case you actually need to set them 20 inches apart. The USB cable is likewise braided, by the manner – a pleasing contact. It appears built to closing.


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