Skyward Sword’s Earth Temple Recreated in Breath of the Wild Mod


A modder has reproduced the total Skyward Sword’s Earth Temple out of Skyward Sword’s for a customized dungeon mod, or shrine replacement, for instance of the Wild.

The modder, Kreny, utilizes the modding instrument Ice Spear: a visual editor with which many gamers are producing little experimental dungeons to completely fleshed out spaces, together with hard puzzles that will fit comfortably in virtually any Zelda title.

Kenny’s addition is not precisely the same as its predecessor since both matches have various mechanics and distinct assets to make a dungeon out of, but it is undeniably a wonderful achievement. Seeing the walkthrough feels comfortable to me, and it is pleasant that Skyward Sword has kept a dedicated fan base eight decades on.

You may take a look at the mod under.

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