Grandia HD Remaster Launches For PC In September

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We Have Heard Grandia HD Remaster is Starting for PC next month.

The information comes through the game’s recently launched Steam site , which lists the game’s launch window as September 2019.

The game’s sequel, Grandia II, has now been available for Windows PC (through Steam) as Grandia II Anniversary Edition — Now, August 16th, it will be rebranded to Grandia II HD Remaster to proceed alongside the first game’s launch. The Grandia HD Collection — which includes both matches, is launching today for Switch

Here’s a rundown on the match:

Grandia HD Remaster is currently available.

Grandia tells the story of Justin, the protagonist, along with his Companions at a hurry against the evil Garlyle Forces to discover the long-lost secrets of an ancient civilization.

Key Characteristics:

  • Increased UI, sprites, and feel art details.
  • Original cinematic videos which have been visually enhanced.
  • Widescreen customizable and support resolutions (PC only).
  • Steam cards and Achievements (PC only).
  • Audio: Japanese and English.
  • Language Support: Original English and Japanese PLUS German and French translations.
  • Gamepad and keyboard service with Remappable controllers (PC only).
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