Biggest News For PUBG Lovers: Cross-Play is coming on Xbox One and PS4 in October

There were not many details given throughout the demonstration about the new attribute, but the programmers mentioned in the characteristic would pit PUBG Xbox One gamers against PlayStation 4 gamers. It is unclear right now if this means that gamers on the 2 platforms may make squads together and perform at precisely the exact same group or in the event the cross-play is going to be restricted to contest only.

PC was clearly absent in the demonstration, which probably means it will not be contained in PUBG Corp.’s cross drama programs. In a match such as PUBG where the goal is important to success, it is not surprising that pitting games and PC players against one another would not be especially fair. Also, absent in the conversation has been PUBG Mobile. Though a game such as Fortnitehas merged versions across all of platform’s PUBG’s mobile version is completely different than consoles or PC, so it is unlikely it will be contained in the play.

The announcement came together with the game’s year 4 preview that showed off a few of those upgrades which are led into the console version of the game. These include the newest season 4 Survivor Pass, as well as the 100-plus rewards which come with it, in addition to the new visual upgrade for your Erangel map.

According to developers, the purpose is to get PUBG cross-platform perform readily available for testing on the PUBG Evaluation Servers by late September and accessible for many gamers on live servers in early October.

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