Joaquin Phoenix ‘Joker’ Movie Doesn’t Follow Anything From the Comics

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie: Anyone knocking with a comic novel franchise-related movie nowadays – and it will likely be you shortly, there is so many that we will be on a jury duty-style rota over the decade – should guess with the eternal battle of the sort.

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Can you cleave closely to the text and shed any sense of your own artistic expression, or do you jazz up things, cut out things, nice pieces from several narrative strands – and finally mad the hardcore of lovers that you are hoping will offer your box office takings aback?

Director Todd Phillips has disclosed that he has gone for the next choice: the forthcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro does not take its cues from some present comic narrative, and Phillips currently girded himself to get a backlash.

“We did not follow anything in the comic books, which individuals are don’t be angry about,” Phillips informed Empire. “We simply wrote our own variant of where a man like Joker could come from. That is what was intriguing to me personally. We are not doing Joker, but the narrative of getting Joker. It is about this guy.”

“I think he is the best celebrity,” Phillips stated. “We had a photograph of him over our personal computer while we were composing.

Reader – Joaquin failed this. This Phoenix-inspired script has been what got De Niro on board, Phillips clarified, while also revealing that he is among those few people fortunate enough to refer to this major person as’Bob’.

“I met with him and explained, ‘I would be lying to you when I said we weren’t affected by lots of your pictures ‘

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