Destiny 2: Forsaken now includes the Forsaken Annual Pass

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With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light still a couple of weeks away, Bungie has made a significant change to Destiny 2: Forsaken. The studio announced on Twitter that the Annual Pass for Forsaken, which includes three seasonal DLC updates, is now free for everyone who owns the expansion.

That’s a good deal, and good news for anyone who owns the Forsaken expansion (the one where Cayde-6 gets it) but took a pass on the pass. The new Forsaken Complete Collection, including the Annual Pass, is $25, compared to the original pricing of $40 for Forsaken and $35 for the annual pass. (It will also be on Steam after October 1.)

Bungie previously said that it would bundle all pre-Shadowkeep content, including Forsaken, into a single package for $40, which as you can see in the studio’s Twitter feed resulted in some confusion. Is that bundle being replaced, or will the $25 price be increased on October 1, when Shadowkeep and the free New Light editions go live?

It turns out that it’s all quite simple: A Bungie rep confirmed that the $40 bundle is now off the table. Once October 1 rolls around, when Shadowkeep and New Light are live, $25 will get you everything that came before Shadowkeep, and you can go from there as you like.


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