The GoldenEye 64 marketing campaign is getting a fan remake, and it seems nice

Whereas GoldenEye Supply is an effective strategy to play multiplayer GoldenEye 007 on trendy PCs, the sport’s good marketing campaign is trickier expertise to recapture: when you emulate it, you may discover that it hasn’t aged properly. So it is neat {that a} small workforce of fanatics is engaged on a free Unreal Engine four port.

The video above exhibits off the finished model of the Silo mission, which will likely be playable when GoldenEye 25 releases in a few years. The footage is completely in line with the spirit of the unique, besides with improved textures, improved lighting, improved character fashions and, properly, improved every part. Here’s the original, if you would like to match.

In response to the GoldenEye 25 indiedb web page, the purpose is for the remake to be accomplished by August 2022, in an effort to mark the unique sport’s 25th anniversary. All property “will likely be created from scratch” and the music will not ape the unique, opting as a substitute to seize its temper without, presumably, risking a stop and desist.

On that word, the workforce feels pretty assured its undertaking will not be shut down given how unscathed GoldenEye: Supply stays.

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