Overwatch Characters In Smash Bros.? “I Think That Would Be Awesome,” Dev Says

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When Blizzard’s standard hero shooter Overwatch was introduced for Swap, some followers questioned if any of the sport’s 31 characters would possibly make the bounce to Nintendo’s personal standard preventing sport Tremendous Smash Bros. Final as a DLC character.

Nothing is confirmed by hook or by crook as of but, however now, one among Overwatch’s builders has spoken in regards to the thought of Overwatch characters in Smash.

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Talking for himself, principal game producer Wes Yanagi instructed GameSpot that he could be floored to see an Overwatch character duking it out with the solid of Smash.

“As a participant and a massive fan of [Smash], I believe that will be superior,” he stated. “It will be an honor if Nintendo selected to carry one among our characters into Smash Bros.”

5 DLC characters are included with the Smash Bros. Final Fighters Cross. Three of those, Joker, Hero, and Banjo & Kazooie, have already been launched. The subsequent will probably be Deadly Fury’s Terry Bogard, with yet another unnamed character to return later within the Cross. Throughout the September Nintendo Direct, the corporate confirmed that it’s going to launch much more new DLC characters as soon as the Fighters Cross roster wraps up.

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In April this 12 months, Nintendo government Reggie Fils-Aime (who has since left the corporate) told IGN that Smash director Masahiro Sakurai’s goal with Final’s DLC is for the brand new characters to be “distinctive” and “totally different.”

Fils-Aime defined that Sakurai and the crew engaged in Final’s DLC don’t essentially see characters from franchises not usually related to Nintendo as a limiting issue in terms of Smash Bros.

To date, there have been no rumors or studies about an Overwatch character coming to Smash Bros. Final as a DLC fighter. It is nonetheless intriguing to consider, particularly now that Yanagi has commented about it.

Overwatch launches for Swap on October 15. It contains all of the content material from the opposite variations, together with all 31 heroes, 28 maps, and sport modes. Maintain checking again with GameSpot this week for extra from our interview with Yanagi about on Overwatch for Swap.

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