A hidden boss in The Division 2 went undiscovered for more than two months

Manning National Zoo was inserted to The Division 2 in July as a part of their DC Outskirts: Expeditions DLC. And from then until now, a hidden supervisor called The Agony went completely obscured by gamers and as mentioned by Kotaku, could likely still be lurking hidden if programmer Trick Dempsey had not triumphed at its existence during the State of the Game livestream.

Dempsey reported that modifications into the Manning National Zoo, for example, the inclusion of a lot of new supervisors, motivated him to search Google to see whether the hidden boss initially contained in the map was uncovered. To his surprise, he discovered that there were not any guides to locating the personality, or some other reference to it whatsoever, for that matter.

“I felt quite odd that we are performing,’ Hey, here is a lot of new directors here within Manning National Zoo,’ when folks have not even found all the managers in Manning National Zoo,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey and flow host Hamish Bode dropped some obscure hints regarding the boss: There is no”interactable thing” which will reveal the existence of the supervisor, until you”do some things” at a place that’s about”a football field’s length where you’re doing nothing” Bode explained that using these very thin hints to use, he hoped somebody could have it figured out by next week, but it really took less than two weeks to the remedy to look on Reddit. YouTube video followed closely behind.|” class=”synonym”>

The spoiler: To be able to conjure The Agony, as clarified by redditor ArcLight079, you will want to take up five beehive screens in the big open space between the crocodile pit along with the monorail, situated directly ahead from the entrance, close to the ocelot display, on the top floor in the wolf display, close to the butterfly screen, also in maintenance area supporting the monorail entry. After that is done, return to the butterfly display and interact with the board, then say hello to a friend.

I am not totally surprised the Agony went undetected for two or more weeks, or that he had been discovered quickly: He was quite well-hidden from the match, but nothing motivates people to leap right into a puzzle such as the understanding that it exists. In terms of why the manager is known as The Agony, Redditor Ekos640 theorized that it is a nod to The Pain, a part of Cobra Unit at Metal Gear Solid 3 that had the capability to control swarms of insects.

A movie demonstrating how to discover the boss is down under.

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