Detroit: Become Human Reaches Big New Sales Milestone, And The PC Version Is Still To Come

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The newest game from developer Quantic Dream is a large success. Detroit: Become Human, which was initially released in May 2018, has passed three million copies sold. Quantic Dream declared on Twitter the game has struck 3.2 million copies around PS4 worldwide.

That is merely the hottest sales landmark for Detroit. In December 2019, writer Sony announced that the match had attained 2 million copies sold.

Quantic Dream functioned with Sony for quite a while on its large matches, such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit, but the provider is moving multi-platform for the next launch. Heavy Rain was released on PC in June, while Beyond: 2 Souls came out for PC in July. Like Detroit, the two names are exclusive to the Epic Games Store via a timed-exclusivity bargain between Epic and Quantic.

Detroit tells the story of 3 androids dwelling in the long run and grappling with their sentience. In this future, androids are profoundly life-like and invisibly with culture, and the game overall has been generally well-received. To learn more, check out GameSpot’s Detroit review.

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