Check out Ms. Marvel’s massive mitts in a new Marvel’s Avengers trailer

Crystal Dynamics revealed as we speak that Kamala Khan, higher recognized within the superhero world as Ms. Marvel, would be the sixth playable character within the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers trailer. She’ll additionally play a pivotal position within the game because the catalyst that brings concerning the reassembly of the Avengers 5 years after the disastrous occasions of an A-Day celebration that causes the crew to interrupt up.

That very same occasion can be what offers Khan her powers: When the Taskmaster launches an assault on the celebration, she’s uncovered to a “Terrigen Mist which provides her extraordinary polymorphic powers,” narrative designer Hannah MacCleod advised GamesRadar. “Kamala’s powers need to do with stretching and morphing her physique into loopy shapes. She will be able to develop to wonderful heights, or as she likes to name it, ‘Embiggen.’ These powers introduce a completely new ingredient to our game and make our fight and exploration utterly distinctive.”

As you’ll be able to see within the trailer, she’s additionally the one who pushes the gang to get again collectively. It does not appear to be going too properly at first, however, the Massive Gulp on the finish means that progress is—grudgingly, but in addition adorably—being made.

Khan’s presence within the sport was really hinted at within the 18-minute gameplay video launched earlier this yr at Comedian-Con, though it is simple to overlook if you happen to are not on the lookout for it. She might be seen, from behind, talking to Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow, and she or he additionally narrates the opening.

Marvel’s Avengers is ready to come back out on Could 15, 2020.

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