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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Players Are Solving A Huge Puzzle That’s Not Even In The Game

The moon is filled with secrets and techniques and story tidbits to find in Destiny 2‘s newest enlargement, Shadowkeep. Undoubtedly the upcoming raid, the Garden of Salvation, can have a number of its personal mysteries to find. However one of many greatest puzzles associated with the enlargement is not really within the recreation at all–it’s associated with the bodily Collector’s Version that Bungie bought forward of launch, and a hidden puzzle that is requiring the Future 2 neighborhood to work collectively to resolve it.

The Collector’s Version recreation full of moon-centric story dietary supplements, together with a journal that sheds some mild on the unusual object quest-giver Eris Morn found there, which kicks off the enlargement’s story. It additionally features a Hive Cryptoglyph, a collector’s merchandise that is meant to take a seat in your desk. The Cryptoglyph (which can also be a giant a part of the in-game mechanics for unlocking new gear on the moon) can also be a mix lock, and people who purchased the Collector’s Version had to determine to learn how to open it utilizing clues hidden all through the bundle.

Contained in the Cryptoglyph was a slip of paper with a URL that led to a Bungie website, in addition to a code to redeem. The code awarded anybody who’d solved their Cryptoglyph with a singular in-game emblem to indicate off their puzzling expertise, nevertheless it additionally offered a picture on the URL web page made up of a collection of unusual runes. On Reddit, neighborhood members rapidly began to place the pictures collectively, discovering that once they had been overlaid, the runes fashioned phrases.

Because it seems, although, the puzzle is extraordinarily advanced. CE patrons every acquired one random URL of their Cryptoglyphs, of a potential 5. However because it seems, as soon as you have redeemed your code, you may go to every one of the opposite URLs as properly, uncovering extra items of the puzzle. The results of placing all of the rune pictures collectively are 5 large pages of textual content associated with Future 2’s Hive lore.

As of this writing, the messages have been largely deciphered, however not fully. In reality, the Reddit post tracking the puzzle stories that extra pictures are wanted. It contains directions to learn how to ship the pictures to the crew deciphering them, and you’ll see the messages as they have been compiled as far as properly.

What does all of it imply? It is not fairly clear but, though the puzzle-solvers report they’re going to challenge transcripts as soon as they have the messages absolutely deciphered. The Cryptoglyph undoubtedly hides extra of Future’s ever-expanding and perennially bizarre story. Provided that that is Future, it appears seemingly there may be one thing extra, like clues to a hidden Unique weapon, just like the way in which Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected required gamers to find them inside the recreation. The Black Armory additionally noticed a serious all-hands-on-deck puzzle with Niobe Labs. We’ll have to attend and see what the Future 2 mind belief discovers.

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