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Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 will include a Destiny 2 raid, Bloodlines, and Sekiro

A list of the games being tackled by speedrunners at Superior Video games Achieved Fast in January of the subsequent 12 months has been launched, and it features a bunch of spotlight PC video games. Staff shall be taking up Destiny 2’s Final Want raid with all encounters, which ought to be an attention-grabbing one. Speedrunning a live-service sport presents an attention-grabbing problem—this is hoping Future 2 does not get patched between now and January in a manner that utterly invalidates their plan.

There’s additionally a 45-minute Nosferatu speedrun of Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines, which is able to presumably contain memorizing all of the sewers, because the Nosferatu vampires are so deformed they cannot even be seen on the street and not using a hunt starting. A speedrun of the mainline Fallout video games (together with New Vegas) shall be wrapping up the post-nuclear RPGs in 2.05, and an All Beads/Reminiscences Race of Sekiro in 1.40.

Try the full list of games here, and this is the AGDQ2020 attendance guide.


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