Sojourn Is Officially Coming To Overwatch 2 As A New Hero

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Overwatch two is on how , Which resembles a shift to this popular hero shot from Blizzard’s core gameplay. There are new heroes on the way as well, including Sojourn.

Sojourn was a figure in the background of Overwatchbecause the game’s launch. She originally showed up in the animated short Recall as One of the agents who obtained the message to re-join Overwatch. She later emerged for a member of Ana’s team, implying strong relationships with heroes such as Soldier: Reinhardt, McCree, and 76.

She had been most prominent from the Overwatch Archives Occasion Storm Rising, where she took the role of Captain Sojourn. It seems like she might have moved to the role of Ana Amari after the latter was presumed to be dead.

Sojourn’s addition to the roster comes from light of other Big announcements, including new looks for the heroes and PVE styles.

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