Demolish & Build – Construction Simulator Release for Switch

A new construction simulator Demolish & Build, is debuting on Nintendo Switch. The game enables running an international construction and demolition business along with utilizing both significant devices and a conventional hammer. The release date of Demolish & Build in digital circulation (Nintendo eShop) is set for January 15, 2020.

The simulator is based on Demolish & Build 2018 launched on PC in March 2018. The Polish business Ultimate Games S.A. is accountable for the conversion and release for Nintendo Switch.

In Demolish & Build, you can run the leading international construction and demolition business. The game enables utilizing significant devices and ruining significant structure structures. It likewise allows you to use a conventional hammer.

As Ultimate Games S.A discusses, the gameplay in Demolish & Build provides various possibilities. The player can, for instance, purchase land, handle specialized staff members and devices. Four substantial places have been offered, consisting of desert locations and snowy forests.

Over a lot of kinds of tools and construction automobiles for different functions have been put at the players’ disposal. The list of offered vehicles consists of such things as a bulldozer, crane, demolition robot, backhoe loader, wheeled excavator, road roller, concrete mixer, and a crane with a demolition ball.

The highlights of Demolish & Build:
  • construction and demolition work
  • over a lot of big machines
  • hiring and handling personnel
  • Four various places worldwide
  • specialized tools
  • agreements and gathering products
  • financial investments in residential or commercial properties

CEO Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki, commented:

Demolish & Build is an exciting proposition not only for construction enthusiasts. This is the first simulator of this type of Nintendo Switch that allows the player to carry out their constructive or destructive inclinations. The gameplay is very diverse and includes, for example, interesting​economic elements.

The release date of the game on Nintendo Switch is set for January 15, 2020.

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