Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets a secret 4th house in DLC

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Today has actually been thick with Fire Emblem: Three Houses news, starting with the addition of Byleth to the Super Smash Bros. The hits keep coming, as Nintendo has actually dropped news of the 4th wave of DLC material coming to Three Houses on Feb. 12, and it sounds like it’s going to be meaty.

Thus far the Fire Symbol: 3 Houses growth pass has actually consisted of a little handful of clothing, items, and playable characters, however, the 4th material release will consist of a brand-new side story called Cindered Shadows. The story provides a secret 4th house, Ashen Wolves, comprised of castaways from popular military school Garreg Mach.

According to Nintendo’s YouTube description, players will have the capability to hire and satisfy 4 brand-new students from the Ashen Wolves, who will then return to the game’s primary story to total the main mission. Based upon the description it seems like this won’t be a total project, nevertheless rather a detour from the 3 main tasks in 3 Homes

The Three Houses development pass includes 4 pieces of downloadable product for $24 Another absolutely complimentary piece of product, set to include Jeritza as a playable character, is also still to come, nevertheless, it will be offered to anybody who owns a copy of the primary game.

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