Twitch viewers are betting fake Gil on Final Fantasy Tactics

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Remember when Twitch Plays Pokemon was all the rage? Envision that; however, Twitch chat isn’t playing the game, they’re betting on it rather. The Twitch channel FFT Battleground has established competitions of AI bots playing Final Fantasy Tactics versus one another that viewers can wager fake Gs on it.

Final Fantasy Tactics still isn’t on PC and though I won’ t call this the next finest thing (there are spiritual followers like Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark for that) it’s still rather cool on its own. Comparable to other bot-run channels on Twitch, and particularly imitated SaltyBet where viewers usage fake currency to bet on combating game matches, there are a lots of chat commands you can utilize to engage with the competition.

To start with, you’ll have 1000 Gil in your pocket to bet. You’ll desire to turn that thousand into more by putting bets on a team and make XP by aligning yourself with a winning group. The command! “obligation [color]” in chat will let you sign up with among the 8 present teams: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and so on

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Matches go quite rapidly and can be challenging to follow. Bots do not precisely hang out considering their next relocation, so whatever ability or spell each system utilizes typically pops on and off screen in the game’s menu before you can read it. I have not played FFT in a minute by which I suggest 20 years so understanding the relocations only by visual impact is going to take a little bit of relearning.

Once you believe you’ve got it all found out, you can attempt to get an area on screen with the “! battle” command which will provide you a possibility to have a system on your team called after you. You’ll get additional XP beyond what you make by merely vowing your obligation if your team wins while your doppelganger is combating. Do not hesitate to utilize the “! allin” command to wager all your Gil because even if you lose you won’ t fall underneath 100 G, leaving you a possibility to construct it back up once again.

The individual running the FFT Battlegrounds channel states that it is still in “early beta” with more methods to invest your won Gil prepared for the future. In spite of the early rough edges, the siren tune of automated matches calls to lots of. Over 900 individuals are enjoying heaven and Green teams fight on the Murond Death City map. A minimum of in the meantime– that will alter in simply a couple minutes.

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