Colin Trevorrow’s reportedly leaked script for Star Wars: Episode IX

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The Colin Trevorrow script for Star Wars: Episode IX has really allegedly leaked online, and with several outlets having actually separately confirmed the story beats, the information sounds genuine. They similarly seem like a good time at the motion pictures.

In the future that precise very same year, Disney announced that J.J. Abrams would return to the Star Wars universe to direct Episode IX Abrams’ Rise of Skywalker turned out to be dissatisfaction for many

The leakage visits method of a thread on the Star Wars subreddit, r/StarWarsLeaks— which had precise information on the Rise of Skywalker months prior to its release. Thinking about that the video was launched, both The AV Club and The Playlist have really discussed their own sources that validate the reliability of the story.

This version of the script was made up by Trevorrow and his routine making up partner Derek Connolly. In spite of the truth that both authors got story credits on the last version of The Rise of Skywalker, the Trevorrow and Connolly version of Episode IX was entitled, Battle of the Fates, affected by the Phantom Hazard music tip by John Williams, and took an absolutely different approach to end the series.

What would the Trevorrow Cut have obviously appeared like? The film’s opening crawl describes that, after the celebrations of The Last Jedi, the First Order has really continued to expand throughout the galaxy.

An army of First Order in Stroomtroopers stand at attention in Star Wars: The Last JediThe First Order in The Last Jedi Image: Lucasfilm/Disney


As the script rolls along, Rey continues her Jedi training and checks out the galaxy with Poe and BB-8 to search for reactions on how to fix the Jedi order Kylo still goes to Mustafar, much like in Rise of Skywalker, however in this variation he finds a Sith Holocron with a hologram of Palpatine– the only time he appears in the film. The hologram was at first indicated for Darth Vader and sends Kylo to train with Palatine’s previous master, Tor Valum. Tor Valum– a ripped, 7,000-year-old Lovecraftian alien– trains him quickly, nevertheless Kylo leaves to find Rey when he’s beat by a vision of Darth Vader in a Force cavern, similar to the one on Dagobah

Rey believes some part of Ben still exists in Kylo, however she fails when he admits that he removed her mother and fathers on the orders of Supreme Leader Snoke.

rey and kylo ren battle in the rain atop sunken death star wreckage in Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerRey and Kylo battle in The Rise of Skywalker Image:Lucasfilm/Disney


This story shares a number of similarities to the Rise of Skywalker story Abrams placed on the screen. It’s likewise worth remembering that in Trevorrow’s version, Ben Solo isn’t redeemed and dies as Kylo Ren, basically the precise very same location he remained in near completion of The Last Jedi

Supposedly running in parallel, Finn and Rose head to Coruscant to light an ancient beacon hidden under the old Jedi temple to show the galaxy that it’s time to rise and combat the First Order. After they light the signal, Finn rallies an army of defected stormtroopers and oppressed residents– finally revealing us that he’s invited his function as a Resistance leader– and they combat the First Order in the streets of Coruscant while a space battle raves above with ships from all over the galaxy appearing to help The Resistance.

Finally, merely as Rey beats Kylo, the Resistance and its allies success over the integrated might of the First Order, lowering their ships and armies over Coruscant and ending its guideline of the galaxy.

A massive Jedi temple sits in the middle of a city that covers the entire planet of Coruscant in Star WarsThe Jedi Temple on Coruscant Image: Lucasfilm/Disney


Trevorrow’s Jurassic World exploded at the box workplace however didn’t agree with critics; his enthusiasm task Book of Henry discussed so poorly that it’s the aspect many think he left Episode IX In 2018, Collider reported that Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy had really been disappointed with Trevorrow’s script for the movie.

However, even with the remaining doubts about whether Trevorrow may have pulled it off, for fans who were dissatisfied in The Rise of Skywalker, this Battle of the Fates script is a fantastic peek at what might have been.

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