Facebook provides Oculus Go irreversible $50 cost cut

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Facebook has actually permanently cut the rate of its Oculus Go VR headset. “Oculus Go is now priced at $149, which is equivalent to a $50 price drop,” the business tells UploadVR

The Oculus Go is made by Xiaomi and significant Facebook’s effort to produce a low-cost, entry-level headset that might deal with 360- degree video and other fundamental VR content without relying on a phone. With a Snapdragon 821 processor and no genuine head or hand tracking, it provided a roughly equivalent experience to phone-based options like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Musing.

Phone-based VR is sort of a dead end, however– both of those competing platforms are basically ended up, and while the Oculus Go has an affordable material library, it’s difficult to advise it in 2020 unless your requirements are really easy. (This isn’t going to work with Half-Life: Alyx, for example.) The all-in-one Oculus Quest is even more innovative and, with its brand-new PC compatibility, looks to be where Facebook will be focusing the majority of its effort from now on.

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