New ‘Guardians for Australia’ t-shirt offers Destiny fans a method to donate and get swag

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With the bush fires continuous in Australia, some game business are putting relief efforts together by means of purchase of in-game products or video games themselves. Bungie, the designers of Destiny 2, are doing one better– an in- and out-of-game benefit.

The t-shirt features the traditional Guardian spaceship flying over some kangaroos on a hot plain– with the Fate sign on the corner of the t-shirt, seen above. Bungie is selling the t-shirt as a fundraising event for firefighting and animal rescue/conservation efforts in Australia.

Australian wildfire effort

The t-shirts features a redeem code for this cool symbol

Like a lot of Bungie shop purchases, the t-shirt comes with an in-game symbol called Star Bright (seen above). Generous fans do not require to do anything in-game to purchase the t-shirt– like some Fate products– and can simply buy it off of Bungie’s store for $24

Bungie stated half the earnings from the t-shirt go to the NSW Rural Fire Service, with the other half going to WIRES, a wildlife rescue company. The Australian wildfires in the state of New South Wales have actually already ravaged the continent’s coast.

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