Overwatch celebrates the Year of the Rat with new skins, bad flags

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How are you with rodents? Lunar New Year returns to Overwatch today, commemorating the Year of the Rat with a wealth of themed cosmetics old andnew It’s all gone rather theatrical this year, with heroes like Sombra, Lucio, Brigitte and Moira commemorating damatic and musical designs to participate in the time-honoured custom of killing each other to takeflags Me? I’m with Junkrat up there– packed full of food and all set for a good kip.

For the next 3 weeks, Overwatch is providing Lunar New Year cosmetics old and new, with weekly unlock difficulties and a quick new variation on Capture the flag called “Blitz”.

Blitz is an odd one. Targeted at producing a higher-stakes, faster-paced CTF experience, Blitz diminishes the map and doubles the score required towin More records, more turmoil, more enjoyable? Well, reader, I attempted it. I hated it. In the round I played, both flags were positioned within eyeshot of each other throughout a little Nepal yard. The match was a straight massacre, with one side rapidly controling and unwillingly recording the flag practically as a procedure. It’s all a bit naff.

Capture the flag has actually constantly been an odd suitable for Overwatch, and Blitz just intensifies the existing issues. The game’s arenas aren’t created for recording flags, heroes require to be customized beyond acknowledgment to stop them breaking thegame Diminishing the play space just intensifies those concerns. It seems like a glorified deathmatch, in a game that currently has a functional free-for-all mode.

The real star of the show, then, are the theatrical new attire. There are some magnificent hats and rushing gown in the mix, however Sombra’s Face-Changer skin is a noteworthy choice. Motivated by the Chinese remarkable art of Bian Lian, her mask morphs through 6 various looks over the course of a match.

Last year’s cosmetics likewise make a return, costing a minimized cost in the in-game store. A full lineup of the occasion’s cosmetics can be browsed over on the Overwatch website.

There are 7 new cosmetics in all, along with 2 new emotes which scrumptious emphasize introduction for Junkrat, visualized above. Every week, for the 3 weeks of the occasion, you’ll be able to make choose sprays, skins and icons. The first week of opens begins today with some clever Doomfist goodies up for grabs. New benefits will turn in weekly till the occasion ends on February 5th.

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