The Sims is asking players about potential new features

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The Sims 4 is trying to find player feedback on what features will make it for the future of the game Over on Twitter, worldwide neighborhood manager “SimGuruFrost” tweeted a player study that the authorities The Sims account then retweeted. Inside the study, Frost assesses player interest in new relationship types, second houses, and developing resorts.

The study asks players to rank their level of interest on a 10- point scale for a series of features A huge location Frost asks about is relationships in betweenSims One fascinating alternative is new relationship types, for which the study provides “bromances” as an example. The idea of a bromance feels a bit regressive however possibly there are other real-to- life relationship types being tossed about together with it.

Other possibilities are Sims outside the played home being able to propose marital relationship, a shared relationship history in between Sims where previous occasions like huge battles will impact their capability to be close once again, and shared experiences where particular Sims frequently do the very same activities together like ending up being “breakfast pals.”

Another cool classification is for new gameplay. Alternatives provided are for Sims to take a trip to a resort, style and run their own resorts, or own second houses, in addition to a couple others. The Sims 4 Seasons growth gets specific attention with the study asking for player interest level in new snow activities like ice, snowboarding, and snowmobiling skating on a pond.

One thing The Sims neighborhood likes to be is vocal about their feedback. I’ve been working with the dev team & The Sims brand name team on producing a new study that focuses on potential features/ modifications for the future of #TheSims 4.

— TinyGuruFrost (@SimGuruFrost) January 14, 2020

Personally, I frequently disregard my real Sim households in favor of structure so I ‘d be jazzed for a one-two-punch combination of developing resorts particularly with new appropriate snow-based activities. You’ll discover me developing a ski lodge resort, if so.

Naturally, none of the products pointed out in the study are a guarantee of future features however I have to envision that a few of those noted are currently being prototyped or talked about internally. You can take the study yourself to provide feedback on the features you’re most thinking about seeing for The Sims 4.

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