Watch Sonos, Tile, and PopSocket affirm versus tech giants today

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After a patent lawsuit versus Google last week, Sonos is prepared to pursue Google (and potentially other tech giants) in front of Congress today. The audio business’s CEO is affirming at twelve noon for your home Judiciary Committee, together with executives from PopSockets, Tile, and Basecamp– all of which have actually complained about copying, unjust pressure, and even a “shakedown” at the hands of big Silicon Valley companies.

It’s being held remotely at the University of Colorado Law School, and it’s streaming through the law school’s channel below.

Tile claims Apple made its location-tracking fobs harder to utilize after Apple introduced a similar item, producing a “confusing and discouraging” experience for the huge iPhone user base. Task management tool maker Basecamp discovered that Google was putting rivals’ advertisements above searches for its name, compelling it to pay for better visibility. And Sonos just recently filed a claim against Google for allegedly infringing on its patents.

The speakers today include Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, PopSockets creator and CEO David Barnett, Basecamp co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson, and Tile vice president and general counsel Kirsten Daru.

In all the cases above, the smaller companies had few other options for selling or promoting their work. Google manages the large bulk of search traffic, Amazon is an extremely dominant seller, and Apple runs a big piece of the phone market. Facebook is especially absent from the list of targets here, regardless of being the topic of an antitrust examination. We’re still most likely to see a comprehensive condemnation of huge tech business– and an extension of an ongoing reaction against Silicon Valley.

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