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I’ve never truly been an ASMR individual. The noise of another individual’s voice isn’t necessarily relaxing for me. A very cute Pokémon chewing cookies? Yes, that’ll do.

The Pokémon Business released 2 ASMR-styled videos this week, one of which includes grass-type Pokémon Chespin eating crispy, vibrant cookies. Really, it’s the Chespin video, released on the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel, that’s got it all– part mukbang, part ASMR.

ASMR represents self-governing sensory meridian reaction. Basically, it’s that tingling sensation you obtain from listening to certain sounds. For some individuals, it’s things like tapping and hairbrushing. For others, it’s chewing or whispering. Apparently for me, it’s Pokémon crunching. Honestly, my pet appears to like it, too– I’ve been playing it on repeat all early morning and hasn’t stopped searching for the source of the chewing.

If neither of these are up your alley, Nintendo’s in fact got many ASMR videos on its YouTube channel. The series itself is called “Sights & Sounds,” and there are videos and recordings of individuals playing Nintendo Change in all sorts of places: the beach, the train, and in front of a fireplace.

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