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Fate 2’s most current hotfix ‘fixes’ Wish-ender and some irritating bugs

Fate 2’s most current hotfix ‘fixes’ Wish-ender and some irritating bugs

Fate 2‘s very first new spot in 2020 repairs some nasty bugs, and reverts a beloved weapon back to its initial power level.

The patch is all bug fixes of one kind or another. The patch likewise fixed the infuriating EDZ Obelisk bug, which made the Obelisk almost difficult to communicate with, despite requiring it for a number of missions.

All of these bug fixes are great, including modifications to bugs that destroyed the video game’s ammunition economy. But one spot note ruined a weapon that simply ended up being beneficial– thanks to a bug.

The Wish-ender Exotic bow gotten in Destiny 2 last year during the Forsaken growth. It isn’t particularly effective, but it does enable players to check out walls. It deals reward damage with its arrows– when the arrow enters into an opponent and when it comes out. The special perk that offered the bonus damage was badgered, and dealt around 4 times as much damage as regular.

Gamers loved it. Knowing the Wish-ender likely would not remain badgered for long, players started pleading with Bungie. One gamer asked Bungie to keep the damage of Wish-ender bugged, however make it use Special ammo– the restricted ammunition shotguns, fusion rifles, and snipers use.

However alas, here we are and Wish-ender is no more. You can see the complete list of Destiny 2‘s hotfix notes on Bungie’s website.

Update: After the Jan. 16 hotfix, gamers found a new method to break the Wish-ender– one potentially a lot more powerful than in the past. Instead of just doing almost 4 times the designated damage on all enemies, the new bug triggers Wish-ender to deal as much as 12 times damage in rare circumstances.

If a player can position themselves behind a pillar or a nonplayer penetrable item, they can fire the Wish-ender shot through the item and into a player or opponent for enormous damage. That suggests you can in theory use an in-game emote to trigger Wish-ender’s 12 x damage bug.

While this may sound pretty bad if you’re a Destiny gamer, the possibilities of regularly discovering a location to make this bug work are extremely uncommon. But if you occur to get one-shotted by Wish-ender today, it’s probably this brand-new bug that did you in.

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