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Iron Man VR postponed to May

Iron Man VR postponed to May

The PlayStation VR video game that will let players slip into Tony Stark’s Iron Guy match requires more time in the lab. Developer Camouflaj announced on Friday that Marvel‘s Iron Male VR has actually been delayed to May15

Camouflaj revealed the delay on Twitter, stating it was delaying Marvel’s Iron Guy VR by 2 and a half months “to provide on our vision and meet the high expectations” of players.

In order to provide on our vision and meet the high expectations of our amazing neighborhood, we have actually made the hard choice to move Marvel’s Iron Man VR to a May 15, 2020 release. We really value your perseverance and understanding. You’ll be speaking with us again quickly!

— Camouflaj (@Camouflaj) January 17,2020

It promised “the supreme Iron Guy fantasy in VR,” allowing gamers to fly and combat in very first person as Iron Man. When we played the PlayStation VR video game last April, we discovered that Camouflaj had caught the sensation of flying freely in Tony Stark’s super-powered match, thanks to responsive, user-friendly controls with the PlayStation Move controller.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR continues a trend of significant video game delays this week, another of which is based on a Marvel residential or commercial property. On Tuesday, publisher Square Enix postponed Marvel’s Avengers almost 4 months to Sept. 4. The business also delayed Final Fantasy 7 Remake, pressing the PS4 game out about a month. Then on Thursday, CD Projekt Red postponed the extremely anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, pressing the game back 5 months, from April to September.

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