Home Entertainment Moog’s brand-new synth guarantees huge bass in a pint-sized machine

Moog’s brand-new synth guarantees huge bass in a pint-sized machine

Moog’s brand-new synth guarantees huge bass in a pint-sized machine

Moog has formally announced a new synth called Subsequent 25 at this year’s NAMM in Anaheim, California. Changing the adored Sub Phatty synth, Moog’s made numerous tweaks with the Subsequent 25 that make it capable of providing a lot more effective bass and thicker leads than its predecessor.

The Subsequent 25 is Moog’s many compact keyboard synthesizer, which the business states makes it a fit for both stage and studio., but there’s appeal if you’re looking for that traditional, sturdy Moog sound in a pint-sized footprint.

Building upon the success of the Subsequent 37 and Sub Phatty, the Subsequent 25 is a two-note paraphonic analog synth that features a 25- note keyboard. Officially, it’s replacing the Sub Phatty– Moog says it’s “transitioning production” of that synth, and the Subsequent 25 will be the new basic production design moving on.

The Subsequent 25 has 2 oscillators along with a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. Oscillators one and 2 can be split to play two various notes at the exact same time in Duo mode, or all three can be stacked up in the synth’s Unison mode.

There are a few up-to-date sonic products in the Subsequent25 For one, the timeless Moog ladder filter– which provides rich resonance and self-oscillation– has improved gain staging. Basically the filter’s levels have actually been adjusted at each point of amplification, enhancing saturation and doling out a richer low end.

Moog is revered for the fat sounds its oscillators and filters produce, and the Sub Phatty took things one step even more. It was Moog’s very first synth to include its Multidrive circuit, which sits right before the amplifier section, providing even extra snarl and edgy grit to sounds. So fans must be pleased that Moog’s also re-tuned this design’s Multidrive circuit, and this combo of tweaks assures noises from the Subsequent 25 that are “beyond the initial grit and grumble of the Sub Phatty.”

Other enhancements consist of two times the headroom, a brand-new, more powerful headphone amplifier, 4 CV inputs for incorporating other pieces of equipment, new presets designed for the updated circuitry, and an updated keybed (which Moog states is for “improved playability”). Furthermore, there’s full MIDI execution, so you can automate everything on the front panel along with a great deal of covert specifications through plug-ins or a MIDI controller/ sequencer. One little downer is that the Subsequent 25 only includes 16 presets, however it likewise comes with Moog’s complimentary Editor Curator software (offered for both PC and Mac). Theoretically that can be utilized for developing, conserving, and remembering a limitless number of noises to utilize on the synth.

To demo what it can, the company teamed up with musician Flying Lotus and graphic designer Julian House to produce a short movie called Building Your World

The Subsequent 25 is available to order now and costs $849 Discover more at the Moog website.

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