The Senior Citizen Scrolls Online Skyrim expansion detailed, see the brand-new trailer

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After being ported to virtually every computer game platform known to man, the world and lore of Bethesda’s The Senior Citizen Scrolls 5: Skyrim is now set to arrive inside its own brother or sister MMO, The Senior Citizen Scrolls Online

The team at designer ZeniMax Online Studios unveiled brand-new details about its upcoming season of material, entitled The Dark Heart of Skyrim. The rollout of its 4 discrete modules starts with The Senior Citizen Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm In the first quarter of2020 That content will be on the general public test server beginning next week.

In the second quarter, ZeniMax states it will release The Senior Citizen Scrolls Online: Greymoor, a brand-new and total chapter in the continuous story of the popular MMO. That will open the western half of the Skyrim landmass, known for its snowy mountains and tundra. The narrative, it says, will be “one of The Elder Scrolls’ darkest stories yet.”

That module will have its own collector’s edition, which will include a statue, a map, and collectible coins. Neither the 3rd or the 4th DLC modules has actually yet been called, but more information will be revealed throughout this year’s E3.

The collector’s edition of Greymoor includes a replica Vampire Lord statue and four collectible coins from the world of Tamriel.

Image: ZeniMax Online Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Going live throughout the Dark Heart of Skyrim will be numerous quality-of-life improvements, but also some new systems. Some of those enhancements will need gamers to re-download the entire video game client. The result will be smaller sized patches, and a smaller sized footprint in general– 30 gigabytes smaller sized.

There will likewise be something called an “Antiquities system” that will enable gamers to collect “furnishing and mementos” all throughout the world of Tamriel.

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