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Google supposedly dealing with Steam support for Chromebooks

Google supposedly dealing with Steam support for Chromebooks

Chrome OS may one day be able to play video games from Steam. In an interview with Android Police, a Chrome OS product leader said that Google is working to permit Chromebooks to run Valve’s video game platform, apparently with aid from Valve.
Google has actually been focused on expanding Chrome OS’s abilities over the last couple of years by permitting it to run native apps from Android, so that it’s not totally reliant on the web. Adding Steam would push that even further, opening up Chromebooks to the hundreds of games that provide assistance for Linux, which Chrome OS is based on.

But Chromebooks are by and large low-power gadgets, designed to run a web browser and very little more. It’s difficult to imagine that games would run well on the vast majority of Chromebooks presently out there, although Steam does offer a broad choice of smaller sized indie titles that are less graphically requiring. Still, Steam assistance will likely be useful only to the highest-end gadgets today.

Kan Liu, the Chrome OS product director who spoke to Android Polic e, said that more powerful Chromebooks are coming, particularly those that will include AMD processors.

As Android Authorities points out, casual titles and older video games might run just great on some machines. (Steam also supports streaming video games from other computers.

At the exact same time, it’s a little unexpected to see Google prioritizing native video gaming on Chrome OS– its cloud-focused operating system– when Google is also constructing out Stadia, a video game streaming service that does not need powerful regional hardware. Stadia still features a multitude of restrictions, though (a small game library amongst them), so the two offerings don’t necessary address the exact same requirements.

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