Stadia getting 10 timed exclusives this year, Google states

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Google Stadia will get 10 timed exclusives by July, the company said today, although it did not state which games would be introducing on the streaming platform.

The company said it anticipates more than 120 games coming to Stadia in 2020, with “more than 10 video games in the very first half of this year alone that will be just available on Stadia when they launch,” Google’s Stadia Team composed. “We’re working with our partners to share more on those games quickly.”

Google revealed Stadia’s launch lineup in November with just one platform special: Gylt, the dream adventure by Deadlight and Rime maker Tequila Works. It hasn’t yet introduced on any other platforms.

The remainder of the Stadia Group’s note said that assistance for 4K gaming on the internet was coming sometime in the next 3 months, as will support for cordless gameplay online utilizing the Stadia controller.

Google Stadia released in November 2019, conference with important indifference at best. It didn’t assist that Stadia released without a number of promised functions, such as household sharing, streaming to iOS, or Stream Connect, a multiplayer experience Google promoted as permitting players to sign up with any video game they’re seeing.

Google mentioned that Stream Connect did arrive later on, with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint, which support for achievements and Google assistant also followed. Significantly, all Chromecast Ultras are now supported; some weren’t at launch.

” Towards the end of this month, we will share more about the video games pertaining to Stadia Pro in February,” Google said.

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