Oculus is dropping the Oculus Go from its organisation platform

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The virtual reality service software of Oculus is no longer supporting the budget-friendly Go headset, thereby directing its users to the more feature-packed Mission. Reportedly, the “Oculus for Business” webpage has removed Oculus Go from its list of supported platforms. While businesses can still place bulk orders for the Go with a license for commercial use, they will no longer receive the Oculus for Business software, which includes remote device management features. According to a spokesperson, the Go was withdrawn from the market after a closed beta period, and for the “few” customers affected by this decision, “we are working with them on various solutions that involve transitioning them to Quest.” This announcement comes after Facebook-owned Oculus permanently reduced the price of the customer Go by $50, now priced at $149.

As mentioned by former Oculus developer Dimitri Diakopoulos on Twitter, this move can be interpreted as a death knell for the Go, even if the headset isn’t completely going away. The business was one of the few areas where a basic but well-made VR headset was practical. Walmart had purchased Go headsets for employee training purposes. However, Oculus is now downplaying even this use case and focusing more of its resources on the more fully-featured Mission.

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