Home Entertainment Ted Cruz now has an impeachment podcast, too

Ted Cruz now has an impeachment podcast, too

Ted Cruz now has an impeachment podcast, too

Impeachment podcasts are the hot brand-new thing in podcasting, and now among the real impeachment jurors is getting in on the boom. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a podcast today called Verdict with Ted Cruz, in which he sits across from a stupendously softball recruiter (” you are not only a senator, you are a constitutional attorney, among the brightest legal minds in the country”) and believes on the day’s impeachment proceedings.

It sounds as though Decision will be releasing daily throughout the trial. Cruz said today’s episode was recorded soon after he left the very first day of Senate procedures, bringing him to the podcast studio at 2: 42 AM ET. Episodes will be recorded “as soon as I leave the Senate floor,” Cruz composed on Twitter.

With the tremendous interest around President Trump’s impeachment procedures, many podcast studios and news outlets have found impeachment reveals to be a fast way to construct an audience. The audience developed on those podcast feeds will stay even after the procedures end, and networks may have the ability to later on reroute listeners to new political shows

Verdict provides Cruz a method to tap into that interest and use what will certainly be a more inclined take on the day’s occasions than a traditional news podcast might. Far, the podcast has 879 customers on YouTube. It’s also offered on Spotify, which does not offer subscriber numbers.

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