Ubisoft remakes editorial team to offer games higher individuality

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Ubisoft is upgrading the main editorial team that recommends on all of its productions, following lackluster sales of 2 Tom Clancy games that CEO Yves Guillemot blamed on a lack of differentiation in consumers’ minds.

Video Games Chronicle reports that Ubisoft chief innovative officer Serge Hascoet will stay in charge of Ubisoft’s editorial group, however that he will be given more subordinates and they will be offered more autonomy, so that he is able lead from a wider point of view rather than directing private jobs himself.

This modification is indicated to give Ubisoft’s individual franchises, from For Honor to assassin’s Creed, more distinct identities. An unnamed source told VGC that the previous structure often implied that the tastes and opinions of one or two crucial individuals in the editorial group made it into Ubisoft’s games, making a number of them feel the very same.

Ubisoft’s concentrate on open-world environments in its AAA offerings and, even more just recently, live service games with long life spans, contributes even more to the blurring.

In a statement given to VGC, Ubisoft validated only that it was “strengthening our editorial group to be more agile and better accompany our development groups around the world.” Asked for comment, a Ubisoft representative referred Polygon back to the exact same statement.

Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint landed with a thud in October, both seriously and commercially. In a call with financiers later on that month, Guillemot stated Breakpoint had “been highly turned down by a significant portion of the neighborhood” which it “did not can be found in with adequate distinction aspects, which avoided the game’s intrinsic qualities from standing apart.”

In the same conference, financiers were told that Watch Canines: Legion was being delayed past its initial March 2020 release date. It and two other games, Rainbow 6 Quarantine and Gods and Monsters, were likewise pushed closer to the launch window of the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, anticipated this holiday season.

” While each of these video games already has a strong identity and high capacity, we desire our groups to have more advancement time to guarantee that their respective developments are completely executed so regarding deliver ideal experiences for players,” Guillemot stated in a statement then. He included that the business needed to leave more time in between the launches of its live service video games so that they aren’t cannibalizing one another’s interest and audience.

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