Google introduces collective video game to reveal when I/O 2020 is occurring

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Every year, Google launches a video game or puzzle that people can play to eventually find out the dates for the business’s annual I/O conference, and this year’s video game is now live (by means of 9to5Google).

It’s a space-themed video game where users need to work collaboratively to bring back an intergalactic satellite network. When you first check out the game’s site, you’ll see the “map” of the galaxy I have actually consisted of at the top of this post in addition to a message about the mission and a few development bars (which have been slowly rising as I’ve been composing this story):

Image: Google

If you accept the mission, a command line box appears with this text:

Determine its correct name, then restore its satellites to their initial frequencies. When all clusters are totally functional, the whole Grid will shine brilliantly and the connectivity of the cosmos brought back.

You can then enter the word “engage” (no quotes) or click on the Engage box to get to the below screen, where you’ll be able to type in commands to help bring back the satellites to their frequencies:

Image: Google

From here, you can pull up a list of commands by typing “aid” in the command line box and work to puzzle through applying frequencies. I will completely confess this is where I got stuck– I could not find out what to do next, even after typing in a couple of questions into the command line. However hopefully with the collective effort of the web, these puzzles will get fixed quickly.

In past years, Google I/O has happened in the very first few weeks of May, so perhaps the dates for this year’s I/O will fall in that time frame too. Here are the dates for the conference for the past four years, if you were curious:

  • 2019: May 7th-9th
  • 2018: May 8th-10 th
  • 2017: May 17 th-19 th
  • 2016: May 17 th-19 th

In a tweet revealing the video game, Google also flaunted what might be some of the branding for this year’s I/O:

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