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How I utilize video games to reduce weight and feel healthy

How I utilize video games to reduce weight and feel healthy

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve tried just about every method there is to reduce weight.

Despite my best efforts to stick to a cohesive plan, I have actually ended up finding the best success through a non-traditional technique: video games.

In the heyday of Dance Transformation at arcades and in the house, I spent unknown hours stomping flashing arrows. The mix of music, neighborhood, and faux-dancing was irresistible. The combination helped me hit all my physical fitness goals. I felt and looked excellent.

But as games began falling out of favor, and I became older and busier, I stopped being as active. I tried exploring other methods to remain fit, like weightlifting, rock climbing, and yoga apps on my phone, however I might never ever stay engaged with them. In current weeks, I decided to go back to the method of being active that worked for me prior to: playing video games.

I’ve been experimenting with a number of games and platforms that have actually assisted me get moving every day.

If you’re searching for games to assist you get up and move, here are some suggestions based on what I’m presently playing, how they motivate me to be more active, and why you must try them.

Oculus Mission

Having sound, music, and gameplay work together to monopolize my attention is a terrific way to keep me engaged.

There are a lot of options for VR headsets, but I was right away drawn to the Oculus Quest. Since it does not need being tethered to a PC, I was able to enjoy more flexibility of movement while playing one of my preferred video games, Beat Saber

In the past, I’ve discussed how Beat Saber is one of the best games of the last decade due to the fact that all it takes is less than 3 minutes to show off what VR gaming is capable of. The title incorporates amazing music tracks– from future bass to, most recently, Green Day– and has me slashing at colored blocks like a disco Jedi.


Image: Beat Games

As songs play, obstructs marked with instructions fly at me, and I have to swipe at them in the correct orientation to the beat of the music. The result can seem like a wild mix of cheerleading, vogueing, and raving. The dancelike gameplay and precision execution are so happily disruptive, it doesn’t feel like exercising.

Beat Saber can feel like an intense upper body workout when the game is cranked up to its Specialist problems.

You ought to attempt Beat Saber if:

  • Music naturally makes you get up and move
  • You want something that has various difficulty levels you can grow with
  • You like the idea of purchasing brand-new music packs to keep the experience fresh

Image: FitXR

When I wish to challenge myself in VR, I pack up BoxVR, which is more of an interactive physical fitness app than a game. It shares resemblances with Dance Transformation, but rather of stepping on arrows to the beat, I’m shadowboxing preset punching regimens to a playlist of tunes.

Each set of activities has me throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts at a series of colored orbs that fly at me in a set pattern based upon the music. There are also littles bobbing, weaving, and crouches thrown in to help the exercise target the whole body. Occasionally, I’m even asked to switch my footing to stabilize the experience even more. The structure is a bit more stiff than a traditional rhythm game, however sometimes I like that.

I can even track fitness fundamentals like an estimate of calories burned right inside the video game, which is helpful if I forget to put on my fitness tracker.

I ‘d never ever shadowboxed before playing BoxVR, and after my very first session, I acquired an extremely healthy respect for how intense it can be. However, because of how difficult it is, I can never ever do sessions longer than 30 minutes as my Quest becomes soaked in sweat. Even with my VR Cover, which does a better job at wicking sweat than the default cover, I still cut sessions to around half an hour.

Have A Look At BoxVR if:

  • You want an experience that’s more like a physical fitness class
  • You wish to work up a sweat
  • You desire something that tracks your fitness activity natively

Other Oculus Mission video games

While Beat Saber and BoxVR are my go-to video games for developing a sweat, there are two titles I like to switch to if I wish to play something that feels more like a video game and less like a devoted workout.


Image: Crytek

I utilized to rock-climb frequently, and I have actually been enjoying how The Climb pares down the experience into something more casual.

Because the Mission has no chance to track my feet, I spend my time concentrating on where to position my hands while climbing in the video game. It doesn’t duplicate the activity perfectly, but I found that it still handles to deliver the very same sluggish, thought about, and enjoyable challenge of rock climbing up without all the effort (or the worry of falling).


Image: Cloudhead Games

When I want to amp things up, I play Pistol Whip It’s is a rhythm-based shooter, and playing it feels like blasting your method through a video. Each stage is on rails and relocations you through abstract places where opponents pop up and attempt to take chance ats you.

It’s a terrific design that always gets me dancing and shooting to its tough electronic soundtrack like John Wick at a club.

Ring Fit Experience

Among the physical fitness games I was most thrilled to check out was Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure When I first saw it, it appeared to be something that would camouflage the monotony of exercising in the type of a compelling RPG.

Years earlier, I ‘d tried Nintendo’s previous workout-adjacent title, Wii Fit, however the game’s futuristic balance board ended up gathering more dust than I hoped.

The company’s most current physical fitness video game yet again combines a funky device to sweat along with, but this time, it partners its method with an RPG-like bundle that has actually clicked with me. In Ring Fit Adventure, I handle the function of a fit hero who travels throughout a workout-focused world where I need to stop a ripped dragon. To defeat it, I need to bust out squats, chest presses, yoga relocations, and more. It sounds a lot like a traditional exercise, but there’s a lot going on that it winds up being more fun than it appears in composing.


Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

To track my exercise, I use the Switch’s distinct movement controllers and Ring Fit Experience‘s essential accessory, the Ring-Con. By inserting among my system’s Joy-Cons into the rubbery ring controller– and another in a leg strap that gets twisted around my left thigh– I can control the entire video game and have it track my motions.

The Ring-Con’s versatile body is created to be pressed and pulled for resistance training. It looks lightweight, however produces an unexpected amount of resistance. The Joy-Con connected to your thigh tracks more cardio-focused activities like running in place and squats, and even when you come down for slabs. In tandem, both Joy-Cons can track dozens of various exercises that defy expectations.

As I travel across the video game’s world, which can take weeks or months to complete, I utilize the relocations my Joy-Con tracks to defeat opponents and complete minigames. Ring Fit Experience is established to encourage me to use a whole variety of motions when playing, by turning each session a good full-body exercise. Many sessions take about half an hour to complete, and the game constantly asks me if I’m up for playing longer or wish to call it quits for the day. It also encourages pre- and post-workout extending, which no other game I’ve played has done.

There’s the main quest I’m excited to discover more about, side quests that offer up benefits, and hours of the video game yet to play.

You may enjoy Ring Fit Experience if:

  • You like the concept of gamification to assist form an exercise practice
  • You’re interested in building a little muscle instead of just cardio
  • You desire an experience that will not feel the exact same each time you play it

Simply Dance 2020 on Xbox One

Dancing has actually always been one of the most reliable methods I’ve gotten physical activity. Now my days of faux-dancing on a Dance Transformation maker and going to bars lag me. Rather, I’m finding out how to dance once again with Simply Dance 2020 on the Xbox One with a Kinect.


Image: Ubisoft

The Just Dance series has been around because 2009, and while I attempted playing it on the Wii and the PlayStation 4, holding a Wiimote or Move controller while dancing constantly felt unusual to me. It wasn’t until I began playing it on an Xbox One with a Kinect last year that I finally fell for the series.

Using the Kinect electronic camera, Just Dance 2020 tracks my movements precisely. I’m scored on how well I reproduce their efficiency, and Just Dance tallies my rating and ranks me versus every other player throughout the world.

It’s been years because I’ve displayed my dance relocations, however Simply Dance 2020 revives a lot of the muscle memory I built up throughout the years. I enjoy that the time invested playing Just Dance and developing a sweat can be moved to a real dance floor if I’m so likely.

Just Dance 2020 is excellent if:

  • You wish to develop a sweat while discovering how to dance
  • You like competing indirectly with others
  • You wish to take the abilities you learn in-game into the real world

What’s right for you?

I’m not a physical fitness professional, but I do have one piece of recommendations that will help you make a wise choice: Do whatever you can stick to.

What you do to stay active isn’t as essential as how consistently you stay active. Getting up and moving must be a good routine you take part in for yourself. If you have a hard time to discover a routine that works for you, experiment with numerous until you discover one you can do routinely.

If the idea of working out feels like a chore, method getting active in a more casual method. I’m checking out options that I find enjoyable and can’t wait to dip into completion of a long day of work. I eagerly anticipate developing a sweat with these games, which is a far cry from how I felt awakening at 6 a.m. to go to the fitness center.

These games, even in tandem, might not suffice to be the equivalent of having a consistent fitness center schedule and a healthy diet plan. In the meantime, however, I’m enjoying myself and rediscovering how enjoyable it is to be active.

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