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Switzerland’s drone delivery program to resume after crashes

Switzerland’s drone delivery program to resume after crashes

A Switzerland drone shipment service run by the Swiss Post is set to resume on January 27 th, following a suspension of the program in August 2019 after 2 drone crashes, consisting of one where the drone’s parachute malfunctioned.

In that time, Swiss Post and Matternet– the United States business that operates the drone fleet– established an “independent board of skilled air travel specialists” to examine the business’ safety treatments and operations and provide suggestions for enhancements.

” Swiss Post and Matternet keep high safety requirements and a high level of safety awareness. The procedures that were analyzed were at a high standard even before the events,” according to Michel Guillaume, one of the members of the review board. “There are no reasons why flight operations ought to not be resumed.”

As part of the evaluation, the board is suggesting that Swiss Post and Matternet make four modifications to their operations:

  1. Matternet must implement the new security suggestions set by the Federal Workplace of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and the Swiss Transport Security Investigation Board (STSB) following the previous crashes
  2. Facility of an independent oversight body for safety-related processes before completion of March 2020
  3. Swiss Post given more control over the real drone operations (which are presently run by Matternet), including the ability to audit Matternet’s drone operations
  4. Enhanced safety procedures for Matternet, consisting of the hiring of a devoted head of safety

The 2 business are already dealing with executing these suggestions: Matternet has actually already implemented the safety recommendations and worked with a head of security, and the evaluation board will continue to recommend the business on their drone policies in the future. The two business have actually also hung out since the accident in May 2019 running over 2,000 test flights in Switzerland on enhanced drones that must be less vulnerable to failure.

The Swiss shipment program has been running in Switzerland because 2017, with Swiss Post declaring that the drones allow for laboratory samples such as blood tests to be flown in between medical facility facilities and laboratories up to 45 minutes much faster than standard transportation.

Correction: The drone accident in May was a parachute breakdown; this post initial specified that the parachute stopped working to deploy.

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