Fallout 76 burglary victims say Bethesda gave them all their things back, plus more

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Some of the more than 500 PC players robbed by Fallout 76 wrongdoers making use of yet another bug over the vacations have not just had their stocks restored by Bethesda Game Studios, they’ve been provided the video game’s exceptional currency as a make-good.

This thread from Thursday in the Fallout76 subreddit includes remarks from multiple players stating Bethesda managers cloned earlier variations of their characters in order to change what was stolen– which suggests that in many cases they’ve doubled the stock of certain products, some of it really important. They’ve likewise been given Atoms, the microtransaction currency that purchases scrap kits, cosmetics, plans and other goodies in the video game’s Atom Store.

” Bethesda sent me an email today not only stating I would be getting back a 100%of the products I lost but will likewise be provided 8250 atoms,” wrote thread-starter JedediahJedi.

JedediahJedi stated Bethesda cloned their character and offered help transferring everything back to the original one. The 8,250 Atoms seems tied to whether a break-in victim was a Fallout first subscriber at the time of the criminal activity, or not. Fallout 1st gives players 1,650 Atoms per month for their $1299 buy-in. Those who were customers get five months’ worth of Atoms, and those who weren’t get 3 months, plus another three months of Fallout 1st access.

The make use of emerged just before Christmas. Hackers could open other gamers stocks and just take anything they desired from it. This video shows the hack, which just impacted the PC variation of Fallout 76, in action. JedediahJedi says that’s their character getting burgled at the 1: 35 mark.

On Dec. 24, Bethesda acknowledged the make use of and asked players preyed on by the hack to send out tickets to the company’s consumer assistance team. The exploit itself was rapidly covered out.

Redditor n0b0d7 included that they were likewise provided a clone of their character from Dec. 20, three months of Fallout 1st and 4,950 atoms. “Exact same for me!” stated Boavisteiro. “Actually pleased with them for repairing the mess and rewarding the players who lost their items.”

Another redditor explained that this was all good news due to the fact that “We now know for particular that Bethesda can restore lost items somehow.” Good point, as Fallout 76 has regularly run into stock bugs, exploits and other concerns because its November 2018 launch.

It also leaves JedediahJedi and others with the delighted problem of what to do with the extra things they have but do not need. He’s going to hand out “an ungodly quantity” of scrap that has actually now doubled, through some kind of lottery-style illustration amongst the neighborhood. “Will also give away a set of the lower end [Fasnacht] masks […] And hell, a couple completely decked fits of power armor.”

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