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Kentucky Path Zero review: a grim trip about the stops along the method

Kentucky Path Zero review: a grim trip about the stops along the method

When I think about Kentucky Route No, I think back to an unanticipated barn.

Back in 2016, my wife and I circumnavigated Iceland for our honeymoon.

Our strategy was to drive the Ring Roadway, an 800- mile loop that circles around the island nation. Each day we ‘d finish off another portion of the road in our leased compact car, spending the night in a different tourists’ hotel or Airbnb.

Iceland, as you’re probably mindful, is amazingly gorgeous. Its landscapes, “just recently” crafted by volcanic profusions, vary from sloping green valleys to surfaces so convincingly lunar that the astronauts originally trained there prior to the Apollo moon landings. I remember feeling a consistent desire to manage to the side of the road whenever we walked around a bend, sure that the spectacular view before us could never ever be bested. I ‘d be proven incorrect, time and time again, another mile down the roadway.

At a certain point, it ended up being clear that we ‘d have to be judicious in our detours, as we were on a timeline and 800 miles is a long method to go. We ended up being more fussy about our stops.

Among the longer single drives was between the towns of Vik and Höfn, at simply over three hours. We could not discover anywhere to remain between the two towns, so we decided to press through that stretch of roadway, despite the fact that it was getting to be late in the day. We accepted keep the stops very little throughout that span, but about midway through, we needed a restroom break.

Without any filling station or dining establishments for miles, we were stymied. But then we found a long driveway causing a dusty barn nestled in the foothills of some igneous palisades. At the entryway to the driveway, there was a single small sign. “Music,” it read. Certainly, where there’s Music, there’s also a bathroom.


A mystical white barn at the end of a long dirt roadway in Iceland.
Image courtesy of Russ Frushtick

It was silent No other traffic, no other people, and definitely no Music.

As our eyes gotten used to the light, we found a single bearded guy, standing at a makeshift bar, in a barn that had plainly been converted into a music location. He was in his 30 s, tattooed around the neck and arms, doing the sorts of things bartenders do while the place is empty: cleansing glasses, cleaning down the bar. He seemed enjoyed have business.

” Invite! You people starving?” he asked. My spouse excused herself while I made little talk.

There were a lots small tables in the barn, and a stage littered with instruments. The bartender stated the place hosts bands every week in the summer season, and asked if I desired to try one of his vegan hot pets.

And After That we were back on the roadway to Höfn.

Kentucky Path Absolutely No is a narrative game about a journey, however it’s also about financial obligation, academic community, gentrification, alcoholism, and happiness. It starts just, with a truck driver at a filling station searching for an address (5 Dogwood Drive). The game uses a text scroll, comparable to what you ‘d see in old point-and-click experience games of the ’90 s. It’s mainly played from a side-scrolling perspective, allowing me to walk up and examine things or talk with various people. As Conway, the motorist, I analyze my truck and a nearby canine (” An old hound in a straw hat. Both have actually seen much better days.”)

I speak with a filling station attendant, who asks what the pet dog’s name is. I’m presented with 3 choices:

  • ” His name is Homer.”
  • ” Her name is Blue.”
  • ” Simply some dog. I don’t know his name.”

Image: Cardboard Computer/Annapurna Interactive

These are the sorts of interactions that exist throughout Kentucky Path Absolutely No

I can also do nothing at the filling station and simply stand there for a couple of minutes. Crickets chirp in the range as the sun gradually sets over a nearby hillside. Periodically an automobile will motor by, the rolling noise of asphalt on pavement slowly fading away. Kentucky Route Zero is filled with scenes like this, handcrafted to develop a sense of peaceful reflection, like wind rushing across a cliffside.

A how-did-this-get-here ambiance makes each brand-new action on the road interesting and mystifying.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Kentucky Route Zero is not a video game in the standard sense.


Image: Cardboard Computer/Annapurna Interactive by means of Polygon

Without any traditional “challenge,” you’re left to uncover the method of this world and its individuals.

But, despite the nontraditional environment, the scenarios of these people’s lives are acutely relatable. A workplace worker dreams of getting a grant to fund her art work.

These styles only grow darker and more threatening as the journey progresses, but there’s likewise a levity to Kentucky Path No that keeps the experience from becoming a full-on abuse chamber. I fulfill people who are managing to keep in the face of anguish, finding pleasure in the little things.


Image: Cardboard Computer/Annapurna Interactive through Polygon

There’s the rocker duo, Junebug and Johnny, who just desire to play their music, even if it’s at a horrible dive bar.

While much of the game is nearly silent, save for ambient noises, it will periodically dip into musical interludes, like an electrical synth tune from Junebug and Johnny.

I think back to the barn.

While the standard point-and-click experience format makes up the bulk of Kentucky Route Absolutely No, the video game’s greatest sections exist as intermissions that break up the main story. These series focus on side characters and styles that will ultimately become crucial in the primary story, however at the time you experience them, they seem completely detached from what’s presently going on.

One is a recreation of an art exhibit by one of the in-game characters. Another is a full-on phase play where you can follow numerous viewpoints (the actors, the director, the audience) at the same time. Another takes place from the perspective of a manufacturer of a local cable television gain access to interview show. You can even experience one of them on your own by dialing a contact number: 270-301-5797

These interludes work since they take recognized formats that exist in our real life and twist them to fit the strange, otherworldly tone of Kentucky Path Absolutely No

On its surface area, Kentucky Path Zero seems hyper-traditional. The game begins; I’m offered a clear goal; I’m going to see this through. Along the way, I meet individuals who can help me on this quest. But the truth is that the quest is not the point. It’s individuals, the world, the journey itself that all make this game tick.

The total edition of Kentucky Path No will be released Jan. 28 on Linux, Mac, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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