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Rocket Raccoon uses a fit now, and he looks great

Rocket Raccoon uses a fit now, and he looks great

The Guardians of the Galaxy began over in a brand-new series this week, and their very first adventure was to form a brand-new team in order to kick the asses of the Greek gods, who are attempting to take control of space. However who cares about that, when Rocket Raccoon has updated his appearance.

The infamous RLI (that is, Raccoon-Like Person) had a current brush with death, when he understood that all the technological implants in his body were breaking down. Humiliated by his condition, he ran away from the Guardians to live the rest of his days in sickly solitude on a lonely planet, however, naturally, was called into action one last time. In saving the galaxy, Rocket passed away, came back, and received life-saving surgery to eliminate all his implants. Now he’s a brand-new man– er, raccoon– er, raccoon-like individual.

And now he uses fits.

What else is taking place in the pages of our favorite comics? Welcome to Polygon’s weekly list of the books that our comics editor enjoyed this previous week.

Guardians of the Galaxy # 1

Image: Al Ewing, Juann Cabal/Marvel Comics

Rocket’s fit has even got a little belt! It’s really stylish and really lovable.

Action Comics #19

Image: Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis/DC Comics

Superman just recently revealed that he and Clark Kent are the same person, and Action Comics #19 reveals the fallout in the Daily Planet newsroom. There are a lot of good hugs, and great minutes, but my favorite is Perry White’s faulty assumption that Clark Kent was just pretending to be a hot mess.

Wonder Woman #750

There are a variety of nice brief Wonder Woman stories in Wonder Lady #750, however for my money, the real factor to get the issue is to see older statespersons of superhero illustration like José Luis García-López and Ramona Fradon take passes on the character.

John Constantine: Hellbazer # 3

Image: Simon Spurrier, Aaron Campbell/DC Comics

Si Spurrier’s very first Hellblazer story feels concurrently like a John Constantine yarn right out of the Vertigo era, and appropriate to the modern-day UK. It’s been a terrific read and I expect a lot more.

Excalibur # 6

Image: Tini Howard, Marcus To/Marvel Comics

Tini Howard’s Rogue and Gambit are the sexiest

Marauders # 6

Image: Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Mario del Pennino/Marvel Comics

It feels like every concern of Marauders has a mutant yelling an anti-fascist slogan at a Nazi and I say this as the opposite of a problem.

Family Tree # 3


Image: Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester/Image Comics

Family Tree‘s story continues to intrigue me (or possibly it IN-TREE-GS me ????), and with Hester’s talent for layouts to tell the story, I simply keep checking out concerns.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

In a break in our usual regimen, I’m going to feature this graphic novel adjustment of YA unique even though it came out 2 weeks back. Warbringer is a really excellent Wonder Woman story BUT ALSO APPEARANCE HOW CUTE ATHENA’S OWL IS.

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