A chill coffeeshop video game where you play therapist to vampires, cat girls, and succubi

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There’s absolutely nothing like looking out a window on a cold, rainy day, but Coffee Talk comes close. Out on Jan. 30 for all significant gaming platforms, the game puts you inside the apron of a barista whose store is just open past midnight.

The very first thing you’ll keep in mind about Coffee Talk, beyond the beautiful pixel art, is the soundtrack. State of mind is king here, and appropriately, the video game lets you set the lo-fi playlist at your facility.

Underneath that unwinding outside, however, lies deeply-rooted racial stress. Every in-game day, you’re greeted by a newspaper front page that’s cluttered with headlines regarding all the fantastical inhabitants of this world. Here, whatever from dwarves to elves are genuine– and each one includes its own politics and viewpoints, the majority of which will end up being obvious as you talk to your clients.

When patrons come near the counter, they’ll be ready to buy something that you really need to make. Coffee Talk presents you with a range of active ingredients, which you use as the base, main, and secondary layers of your beverage, depending on what you’re cooking up. For more easy drinks, you can just search for through an in-game app; a triple-shot espresso, for example, is simply a matter of picking coffee coffee coffee. The video game likewise lets you cut loose with the latte art, which you can draw by hand.

A mermaid woman orders a drink at a coffee shop.

Image: Toge Productions

However often, individuals will request for more intricate drinks for which there’s no guide. For those, you’ll need to utilize your best judgment. I have actually currently gotten a Chai and some strange beverage including an egg incorrect, however thankfully, the recipients still drank them. (The game likewise lets you trash as much as five drinks a night to redo them, which is helpful for when you ruin.)

Strangely enough, the stories for clients are determined by what drinks you make them, not by your dialogue choices. One monster, for example, is available in asking you to make him a ginger beverage that will assist manage regular monthly “furies” where he needs to be restrained. I got that drink wrong, too, though the thoughtful monster said he ‘d be back to try it once again later on. I sense that if I do not get it right, it’s going to have huge ramifications for that character in the long run.

Maybe it’s more accurate to state you play as a therapist, instead of a barista. Much of the game is invested listening to your customers talk about their daily problems, giving the entire thing a slice-of-life feel. The character’s concerns are not the ones you and I may face, because many of them aren’t human.

An elf and a succubus at a coffee shop counter.

Image: Toge Productions

One struggling couple composed of an elf and a succubus, for example, come in painful over their romance. You discover, for instance, that while the succubus adores the elf, she does not desire him to offer up his immortality for her.

Or, somebody may order a beverage and go sit in other places. Memorizing their beverages makes the whole thing feel more intimate, even if we do not actually talk much.

So far I have actually just bet a few hours, during which I have actually fulfilled all sorts of animals, from mermaids to cat ladies. Discovering more about them over a reassuring cup of coffee is a pleasure … even if I can’t constantly get their beverage exactly right.

A demo is offered for Coffee Talk on Steam and the PlayStation shop, if you want to give it a shot.

Coffee Talk will be readily available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, and Windows PC on Jan.30 The video game was played utilizing a download code provided by Toge Productions. You can discover extra information about Polygon’s principles policy here

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