Home News Gaming Terminators invade Ghost Recon Breakpoint this week

Terminators invade Ghost Recon Breakpoint this week

Terminators invade Ghost Recon Breakpoint this week

The Ghost Recon and Terminator franchises may not have had the very best year, but a brand-new (and complimentary) event for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint looks potentially fascinating. Basically, a time tourist from the year 2029 journeys to Breakpoint‘s island chain setting to caution of a cyborg hazard, and it’s up to the Ghost Recon team to conserve the future.

The very first part of the Terminator occasion, Objective 1, comes to Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint on Jan. 29, while Mission 2 drops on Feb. 1. The entire thing runs through Feb. 6. Gamers will meet up with a brand-new character named Rasa Aldwin, who claims to be from the future and in need of help putting down a Terminator intrusion. Players will battle T-800 s– which certainly do not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and appear to be made on the island– and earn event-exclusive items.

Those Terminator-themed products include customization items, gear, automobiles, weapons, and attachments, such as the MK14 Terminator rifle, Uzi submachine gun, and face paint that gives players a shredded T-800 look. You can sneak peek the Terminator event’s items in the video above.

Ubisoft teased the Terminator event at E32019 As we said at the time, Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s story about robotic technology going badly incorrect is a thematic match, more or less, for the Terminator franchise’s dystopian sci-fi story.

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