This leather AirPods Pro case makes Apple’s earbuds feel more superior

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Nomad has actually launched a new AirPods Pro case, and, like the business’s previous AirPod cases, it’s thoughtfully designed for something that’s efficiently simply a case that you put on top of another case.

Like almost all of Wanderer’s cases, the AirPods Pro cases are plastic shells wrapped in leather (sourced from the Horween Leather Company), which feels a little worse than if the whole thing were made from leather. It’s here where most cases would have stopped, however Wanderer’s variation goes above and beyond with a few quality-of-life enhancements that raise its model over other cases.

For example, the inside of the case is lined with microfiber, that makes it simpler to put it on and take it off while also preventing it from scratching up the case. There’s a cleverly engineered clear portion of plastic behind the leather where the light is, permitting the status sign CAUSED shine through without destroying the look with a cutout in the leather.

Similarly, there’s a thinner soft spot at the back of the case, enabling the pairing button to be used through the leather, and there’s a wrist strap accessory point for anybody who truly wishes to dangle their AirPods case on their wrist. In spite of the plastic/ leather building and construction, the case is still little enough to enable the AirPods Pro to work with wireless Qi chargers.

95, which is a bit more expensive than the cheaper $13 to $18 leather cases you can discover listed on Amazon from a range of random brand names. If you’re looking for the most exceptional materials and features for your AirPods Pro case, Nomad’s alternative looks like it examines all of the boxes that a leather case might possibly provide.
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