EU supports Huawei use in 5G networks in defiance of US

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The European Union has released a set of standards on making use of high-risk vendors like Huawei for constructing the single market’s 5G networks. Private member states will have supreme control over which equipment they allow in their 5G infrastructure, the European commission has produced a “tool kit” of security measures, which it hopes will allow countries throughout the bloc to coordinate their techniques.

Although the commission’s guidelines do not mention it straight, Huawei is the supplier that’s been triggering the most concern globally, with the US arguing in favor of a total restriction of the Chinese business’s participation in 5G infrastructure. Yesterday, the UK chose to enable high-risk suppliers such as Huawei in its 5G networks, albeit with constraints.

They call for an assessment of the threats presented by different providers, and for limiting the function of high-risk vendors in crucial parts of the facilities, such as vulnerable core networks. The guidelines likewise note that a diversity of vendors is crucial, which the UK has attempted to attain by limiting the usage of high-risk vendor devices to no more than 35 percent of the network.

The choice goes against the United States’s current lobbying efforts. A senior Trump administration authorities called yesterday’s UK decision to enable the use of Huawei’s equipment “disappointing,” in comments given to the Financial Times On the other hand, Huawei invited the EU’s standards, which it stated enabled a “non-biased and fact-based method towards 5G security.”

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