Need for Speed Heat’s most current upgrade lets you clean up your car

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If absolutely nothing else, Need for Speed Heat‘s newest upgrade, which went live the other day, includes one big quality of life change– driving through a gasoline station now repairs cosmetic damage to your lorry.

When I evaluated Heat back in November, and in my playtime since then, I have actually been confused to comprehend the function of the gasoline station. They do fix performance related damage to your car– i.e. what you take when the cops beat on you. Take excessive of that damage and you’ll be wrecked and busted.

At night you get three trips to a gas station prior to they all close down till the next day.

For a racing video game with such a heavy car-* and personalization part, it always troubled me that I couldn’t tidy up my trip before the next event. Now we can, so, thank you, Ghost Games.

Other improvements including the spot, the game’s second big upgrade, include driving wheel support. Ghost Games stated it’s evaluated Heat with seven kinds of popular racing wheels, “however a few others might work also.”

Need for Speed Heat is also getting a chat wheel based on the emote wheel from 2017’s Need for Speed Repayment Players may now send quick messages to each other (such as “Follow me,” or “Need backup”) without being in voice chat.

Actually, however, the spot is worth it for the gasoline station update. I was burning out of looking at my continually scuffed-up Lotus.

Need for Speed Heat released Nov. 8 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Our review found it to be a capable and satisfying game racer, certainly much better than its previous 2 versions, however still a video game constructed on such standard gameplay that it seems unable to answer why the series is still around.

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