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Overwatch League matches in China canceled through March, more esports events held off

Overwatch League matches in China canceled through March, more esports events held off

Overwatch League owner Blizzard Home entertainment has actually canceled league matches in China through March, citing issues over the unique coronavirus in the region. The statement follows multiple other esports events, consisting of the start of two League of Legends leagues, were stopped.

“We have decided to cancel our February and March matches in China in order to protect the health and security of our players, fans, and personnel,” it said.

Information about future matches will be shared “at a later date.” A Blizzard representative informed Polygon is has “absolutely nothing more to share at this time.”

On Tuesday, Chinese Overwatch team Guangzhou Charge moved its non-Chinese players to South Korea forever.

” Since the escalation of the outbreak, we and other teams in the Pacific East Division have actually been talking about options together and with the Overwatch League,” a Guangzhou Charge representative composed on Twitter. “The reality is that the situation is unforeseeable, complex and urgent– we hope our fans can understand what the Chinese teams and the league are confronted with.”

Another Chinese group, Chengdu Hunters, posted an upgrade on Weibo noting that the group will stay in China however take precautions versus the infection.

The Overwatch League is set up to begin on Feb. 8 in New York and Dallas. The canceled matches in China were currently scheduled for Feb. 15-16 in Shanghai; Feb. 22-23, March 14-15, and March 21-22 in Foshan, China; and Feb. 28 to March 1 in Hangzhou, China.

The new strain of coronavirus came from in Wuhan City, China late last year. It’s since spread out within mainland China, with the bulk of cases staying in China’s Hubei province, which is where Wuhan is located. By Jan. 29, 6,057 cases were reported– 5,970 of which are in mainland China, with 3,554 of those patients in the Hubei province.

Chinese authorities issued a quarantine for Wuhan, which is home to 11 million people, on Jan. 23.

Other esports occasions have actually been impacted by the spread of the coronavirus. Today, the League of Legends Pro League and WESG’s Asia-Pacific Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions have been held off. English LPL casters have left China citing worry of the infection’ spread.

” We don’t truly understand the extent of how harmful it is, but it looks like it could be a lot worse than people are stating, so we’re getting the * out of here,” Joe “Munchables” Fenny stated in a video published to Twitter earlier today.

On Jan. 29, the League of Legends Pacific Champion Series’ approaching season was delayed. PCS officials pointed out safety factors to consider and travel constraints for the post ponement. Updates on the season’s start will be shared as soon as they’re available.

Korean esports website FOMOS reported on Wednesday that League of Legends Champions Korea, which is held in Seoul, will be held in lack of an audience.

None of the affected events have been rescheduled.

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