Help, this dreadful goose has taken over my desktop

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I am attempting to work, but a terrible goose keeps tracking mud over my screen. When I close the memes it drags in front of Google Docs, it chases my cursor till it snatches it, then runs off the screen. Its webbed goose feet slap throughout the page, like someone clomping down a corridor in flip-flops. Periodic honks are hushing any other sound originating from my computer system.

A terrible, awful goose has taken control of my desktop. As I compose this, it has dragged a note onto the screen: “nsfdassafsfsda asdas sorry tough to type with feet.” Minutes later, another note: “i am a representative of chaos.”

This is such a horrible thing to place on your computer, and yet, it’s something I have actually done to myself.

Designer Sam Chiet created Desktop Goose, an application that “damages your computer system.” Chiet stated it’s a tribute to Home Home’s Untitled Goose Game You, too, can ruin your desktop by downloading the app on, where you can call your own rate. Desktop Goose comes programmed with an entire bunch of memes and notes that it’ll drag onto your screen, but Chiet stated users can upload their own memes by including them to the possession folder. You can likewise make your life considerably worse by adjusting the goose’s homes– like aggressiveness level– in the files.

Individuals on the web are having a lot of fun with the goose. One menace has actually put multiple geese on the desktop.

Desktop Goose app overlaid on Temtem

Appearance, goose, leave my Temtem alone.
Image: CremaGames, Sam Chiet by means of Polygon

On The Other Hand, I am too afraid to adjust its aggressiveness level. The goose on my desktop is already scary. It’s begun to integrate itself into my games. I believe it thinks it’s a Temtem, seen above as I played Temtem I believe it’s scaring all my other creatures, and yet it does not assist in battles.

My real-life cat has actually become consumed with the goose, intent on capturing the little monster in her paws. I think I’ll let her try.

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  1. Hello!
    You can actually stop it by opening task manager, selecting the desktop goose, and clicking quit. It will stop the goose, but not delete it.
    You can delete it by simply dragging the Desktop Goose folder in the trash.

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