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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ villagers have a whole new layer of fashion

Images of Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s upgraded villager designs have appeared, showcasing the cute animals not simply with textures plastered onto their bodies, however real clothing.

The new images are apparently from Nintendo’s European press website,with some published in a GameXplain video In the video, you can see a random choice of Animal Crossing villagers in their glossy, new splendor. Instead of simply having a texture of a random t-shirt pattern on their bodies, revealed like a sleeveless t-shirt, the animals are really using clothing. Real clothing!

Marina remains in a charming sweatshirt with long sleeves! Crissy and Francine’s spotted gowns have cute collars now! The sheep characters get real t-shirts and sweatshirts, rather of simply scarves– and the clothing hilariously push down their fluffy wool. Animals use trousers! While this upgrade may not appear like a big offer to non-Animal Crossing fans, it’s these types of changes that have fans hyped for the newgame Nintendo’s been tight-lipped on new information, so players have been scrubbing images for info on the next generation of Animal Crossing.

Prior to you get stressed over your preferred villager being cut from the game, note that these renders are missing out on whole types of villagers, so this most likely isn’t a totallist The renders for frogs, deer, bull, and numerous other precious types have still not been exposed.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be launched for Nintendo Turn on March20 There’s likewise a fancy themed Nintendo Change with a unique dock and Joy-Cons beginning March 13.

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