Death Note: Special One-Shot manga brings Ryuk back to assist a new Kira

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Death Note has actually returned for a special one-shot manga by series developers Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

The 88- page spin- off features Minoru Tanaka as the most recent human who has the power of the Death Note. His IQ is high, though he’s not able to use his brains to get great testscores Yearning apples and a treatment for his dullness, Ryuk, the precious devil from the initial Death Note series, chooses to pop into the human world and trigger some issues on function.

The story happens years after Light Yagami’s run as Kira, a effective being who utilizes the Death Note to mass-murder wrongdoers. The world has actually altered, and the authorities know the presence of Death Notes. There are security video cameras all over the location. Online messages and telephone call can be traced by the cops quickly. The Kira from the initial Death Note series would have to usage a various strategy to get away with his killings in the contemporary. Tanaka has actually figured out how to make the finest usage of the Death Note: He’s going to offer it to the highest bidder.

Death Note: Special One-Shot is available to read for free through Viz’s website now.

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