Pokémon Go February Community Day will feature Rhyhorn

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After a gamer vote, the star of the next Pokémon Go Community Day has actually been picked: Rhyhorn.

The Community Day will be on Feb.22 For players in the northern hemisphere, it’ll occur from 11 a.m. up until 2 p.m. in your regional time zone. For players in the southern hemisphere, it’ll occur from 3 p.m. up until 6 p.m. in your regional time zone.

The Community Day will feature Rhyhorn generating at an increased rate, with a high opportunity for it to appear Shiny. Capture Stardust will likewise be tripled throughout the period of the event.

When evolved throughout the event duration and approximately 2 hours later on, Rhyperior will discover Rock Wrecker, that makes it a relatively strong raiding Pokémon, however it still falls back Rampardos in DPS. Rhyperior does need a Sinnoh Stone in order to progress, and there is no word on any additional Sinnoh Stones being offered throughout the event.

When pit versus Machop, Dratini, and Vulpix,

Rhyhorn was chosen by players. Vulpix and Rhyhorn were both set to have their Shiny kinds added to the game for the first time, with Dratini and Machop’s Shiny kinds added long earlier.

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